Company : History

JB TEC was founded in 1991 by Jacques BADEY, a prominent player in the French stirring sector. Initially he used the premises of a boilermaker in Lyon to manufacture and assemble his stirrers. In 1994 he decided to build his first premises in the Lyon suburb of Montanay in the Rhône valley. This development would mark a decisive step towards becoming an independent industrial company recognized by the chemical and petrochemical sectors with its AGITEC® brand. 

Laurent MANGEOLLE, an engineering graduate from the Arts et Métiers school, took over the company in 2003 in association with Grégory BADEY, son of the founder. The pair joined forces for more than 10 years to consolidate and establish the group with a solid global reputation.

2010 is the year when AGITEC and its twin entity, JB TEC, which specializes in magnetic stirring, became separate entities: the first supplying the chemical, food processing, petrochemical, nuclear industries, etc, with stirring machines with mechanical transmission under the AGITEC® brand, the second devoting itself to markets such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, etc, and offering stirring machines with a magnetic drive, under its new MARLLIN® brand.

“Two brands, two companies, providing the optimum response to your day-to-day concerns”.

January 2014: AGITEC was taken over by Grégory BADEY and Damien PAYART, who became CEO and Technical Director respectively. These two leaders, who had worked for the company almost since its inception, wished to preserve the “Made in France” manufacturing which was dear to the company’s historic policy, while improving its competitiveness and striving for even better quality.