Optimizing production downtime is a key factor in plant profitability nowadays. The aim of a stirrer manufacturer is of course to ensure an optimal mixing result that meets the customer's specific process requirement, but they also need to provide effective solutions to all the possible scenarios for emergency intervention on the stirrer’s strategic parts.

With this in mind, the new range of AGITEC stirrers has been specially developed to equip “large-capacity” storage units in ATEX environments dedicated to homogenous supports for the oil industry.

They are distinguished by the fact that the sealed cartridge (single or double mechanical seal) can be maintained without the storage unit having to be drained by a lateral extraction system on this mechanical seal. A static seal, which is inserted automatically, provides the main dynamic sealing during the maintenance phase. This is essential when replacing seals, and optimizes downtime during both preventive and remedial maintenance.

It is an easy operation, and can be conducted without heavy lifting gear directly by the maintenance team on the relevant site.
A huge amount of time is saved, and the resources involved are optimized.

These new stirrers incorporate their dedicated maintenance tools directly attached to their guide shaft, preventing nasty surprises when urgent intervention is required.

We promise stirrer downtime of less than two hours while the seal is changed!

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