New range of horizontal stirrer for mixing alcohols in ATEX environments : AGL-VINICOLE

The optimisation and flexibility of the use of portable stirrers in wineries is a key issue for the profitability of alcohol production today.

The objective of a stirrer manufacturer is of course to ensure an optimal mixing result in line with the users' precise process needs, but he must also provide efficient solutions for all possible scenarios that improve the ease and flexibility of using a stirrer.

With this in mind, the new AGITEC range of stirrers has been specially developed to equip thanks for mixing concentrated alcohols in an ATEX environment and dedicated to homogenous maintenance for the wine industry.
Their retractable shaft technology allows producers to mount the stirrer on thanks full of product (Cognac, Whisky, Gin etc.) by focusing direclty on the Macon spigot of the sampling or draining valve.
A semi-dynamic seal allows the stirrer shaft to slide throught its motorisation ensuring that the liquid in the tank does not escape when the unit is set up. Once the stirrer is in the operating position, a sophisticated mechanical seal takes over when the stirrer is rotated.
Its optimised weight despite the ATEX (approximative 20kg) allows users to transport it manually without the need for any other means of lifting.
The new mixers are easy and safe to use and do not require and additional control systems to operate.

Description of the stirrer