Stirrers : Propellers

The propeller is a stirring mobile. AGITEC®'s various models allow a wide range of products to be brewed/mixed. The shape of the blades and the speed are two determining factors in the choice of a propeller.

Propellers are used in various sectors: chemistry and petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, water treatment, nuclear, agri-food and cosmetics.

Their characteristics make them suitable products for these applications, with variations according to the models: thermal transfer, suspension, liquid/fibrous solid mixture, immiscible liquid mixture, miscible liquid mixture, suspension retention, homogenization, emulsion, dissolution, solid/liquid dispersion, liquid/liquid dispersion, gas/liquid dispersion, dilution, deltination.

stirrer propeller high hydraulic lift
Ax1 propeller for stirrer, hydraulic lift, optimized shear
stirrer propeller high speed shear dissolution
Ax2 propeller for stirrer, pumping and shearing
stirrer propeller important shearing effect
Ax3 propeller for agitator, important shearing effect
stirrer propeller liquid mixture containing fibers
Ax4 propeller for stirrer, liquid mixtures with fibers
stirrer propeller mixtures of shear-sensitive products
Marine propeller for agitator, for shear sensitive products

AGITEC offers 5 types of propellers



The AX1 is a thin blade profiled propeller in the range with very high hydraulic lift.
The efficiency of the AX1 propeller allows to obtain efficient homogenization, heat exchange and low speed suspension results. The optimized shear rate is very low.



Profiled propeller with thin blades, a pumping effect equivalent to AX1 is produced at higher rotational speeds. This results in more shear at the end of the blade. The AX2 propeller is suitable for dissolution.



The AX3 is a low-profile profiled propeller, which induces a high speed. It is used when a high shear effect is required.  



The AX4 is a thin blade profiled propeller. It is indicated for liquid mixtures containing fibres.



The Marine propeller is used for mixtures of living products sensitive to shear. Its curved shape and molded blades provide performance but also softness of the mixes.