Company : Quality

For 25 years, AGITEC® has undertaken to meet your explicit and implicit requirements, regardless of your sphere of activity.
Our quality approach consists of a participative continuous improvement process involving everyone in the company and all key sectors (design, manufacturing, traceability, FAT, services, after-sales service, etc) .

Traceability: We make it a point of honour to comply fully with traceability in the design of our stirrers.
     - Material tracking
     - Order tracking ERP
     - Pre- and post-manufacturing technical quality control conducted internally by our technicians

FAT (factory acknowledgement tests) Static : Document control strictly aligned with the controlled stirrer (manuals, TQC, dimensions, product inspection certificate, welding specification, welder qualification, etc).
It includes full support and confirmation that the stirrer has been designed correctly before it is sent for shipping.

FAT (factory acknowledgement tests) Dynamic : Static FATs can be supplemented by a full-scale test on one of our test vessels, or even our 30 m³ pit.

Service to assemble and help start up the stirrer(s)
To ensure the efficiency and quality of AGITEC® stirrers is maintained, a technical and human team is sent to help your company.

After-Sales: A team of qualified fast-response technicians to sort your preventive and remedial maintenance issues.

Guaranteed by the manufacturer for 2 years from the date of shipping.