Markets : Nuclear

The nuclear market uses processes such as centrifugation, which separates compounds from a mixture according to their density difference using centrifugal force. These elements can be liquid, or made up of solid and liquid elements.

AGITEC® has developed a range of industrial vessel-roof, lateral or vessel-bottom stirrers and static mixers adapted to the centrifuges and processes of this demanding uranium handling industry.

AGITEC® presents products designed in the factory for these applications used in nuclear power: thermal transfer, suspension, liquid/fibrous solid mixture, miscible liquid mixture, suspension retention, homogenization, emulsion, dissolution, dilution, delta, solid/liquid dispersion, liquid/liquid dispersion, gas/liquid dispersion.

To each device its characteristics and services, AGITEC® provides all useful information on the capacities of its products and the solutions of its production systems.

For Nuclear applications, AGITEC® offers this equipment

Like a magnetic stirrer, our mechanically driven stirrers offer an effective means of adapting to many nuclear stirring applications.  AGITEC® industrial agitators can be used for a wide range of applications, such as double slow agitation at the periphery and fast agitation in the centre, with the coupling of different mobiles (turbines, propellers or anchors).

A mechanical seal is used to ensure that the agitator shaft is sealed. It should be noted that maintenance of the seal housing often requires disassembly of the agitator head, except for the AG-T Ext-Lat model.

Lateral extraction turrets

For vertical agitation, these turrets are to be placed at the top end of tanks and vats or at the bottom under the tank bottom for better accessibility for maintenance and quicker intervention.

Other Vessel-roof stirrer

AGITEC® has developed a range of industrial tank roof mixers designed and adapted for nuclear applications :
AG-T Ext-Lat, lateral-extraction turret
AG-R Simple, single extension
AG-R Compact, compact extension
AG-T Pivot, pivoting turret
AG-ContraRotatif, with double agitation
AG-Potences, agitation on up and down stems
  In the nuclear sector, it is often necessary to keep mixtures or suspensions homogeneous on various dedicated chemical applications.

AGITEC® has designed a range of tank side agitators adapted to the nuclear industry.

AGL-R COMPACT, compact extension
AGL-T EXT-LAT, side-extraction turret

Lateral extraction turrets

Lateral extraction turrets used on lateral agitators allow fluids to be kept in suspension in the nuclear sector. Maintenance on these stirring systems is simplified and does not require emptying the containers. 
  These products are suitable for many nuclear applications such as liquid/liquid homogenisation, heat exchange or suspension of solid particles in a carrier liquid. The protection of the agitator shaft is achieved by means of a high-tech mechanical seal. Several propellers installed on the shaft will provide a solution for effective action over the entire height of the tank (homogeneity obtained in the lower, central and upper parts of the container). 

  Static mixers allow the creation of turbulence inside their tube to make it possible to mix the products conveyed. With a small footprint, they can be adapted to a wide range of flow rates and to the different characteristics of the fluids in motion. 

  AGITEC® develops propellers for the nuclear industry, with the highest hydraulic lift for efficient homogenisation, heat exchange and suspension results at low speed with the AX1 profile. A shearing effect can be obtained at maximum rotation speed by installing intermediate profiles of the AX2 type. 

stirrer propeller high hydraulic lift
Ax1 propeller for stirrer, hydraulic lift, optimized shear
stirrer propeller high speed shear dissolution
Ax2 propeller for stirrer, pumping and shearing
static mixer MS TOR helicoidal elements
Static mixers MS TOR by AGITEC®
static mixer  turbulence by alternating the direction of rotation
Static mixers MS Helip by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer lateral extraction
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-T Ext-Latby AGITEC®
single height space stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Simple by AGITEC®
Industrial stirrer liquid mixture
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Compact by AGITEC®
Industrial agitator maintenance tightness
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-T Pivot by AGITEC®
counter rotating stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-ContraRotatif by AGITEC®
stirrer inclined turbines for tixotropic products
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-Potences by AGITEC®
stirrer turret with lateral extraction
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-T EXT-LATby AGITEC®
Lateral stirrer tank compact extension
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-R COMPACT by AGITEC®
Tank bottom stirrer compact guide system
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AGF-R COMPACT by AGITEC®
stirrer tank bottom change without disassembly
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AGF-R SIMPLE by AGITEC®