Services : Maintenance

The maintenance services AGITEC® offers its customers have the advantage of ensuring the quality of its constructions and providing perfect startup by deploying a formidable technical and human team.

AGITEC® sets up tailor-made organization for your preventive maintenance.
Indeed, the company has adopted a preventive maintenance policy which consists of customized monitoring specific to the customer and their stirrer, to prevent the chance of anything going wrong during production. The aims are to increase the reliability of stirrers and of production, to minimize the chance of failure.

AGITEC® puts all its resources into play in order to provide a rapid response when remedial maintenance is needed.
The company is fully available to provide remedial maintenance, which consists of site visits made as soon as possible after an unforeseen machine failure. AGITEC® undertakes to supply the faulty part as soon as possible to optimize downtime of the faulty stirrer. 

This maintenance applies to:
     - Simple adjustment
     - Troubleshooting by standard exchange(s)
     - Fault identification and diagnostics 
     - Repairs
     - Mechanical correction(s)
     - Renovation, reconstruction
     - Complete stirrer exchange (2-year warranty)

The services offered by AGITEC® correspond to full deployment of technical and human resources who can of course deal with all stirring problems.


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