Stirrers : Anchor

The stirrer anchor is traditionally used for stirring viscous liquids. It moves near the wall of the cylindrical tank. These tangential or axial flow mobiles are used in various sectors: chemistry and petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, food processing and cosmetics.

Their characteristics make them suitable products for these applications, with variations according to the models: thermal transfer, mixing of miscible liquids, suspension retention, homogenization, dilution, deltination.

stirrer anchor flat anchor heat exchange
Manufacturer of flat anchors for mixers stirrers
stirrer inclined flat anchor heat exchange
Manufacturer of anchors plates for stirrers mixers
stirrer tubular anchor heat exchange
Manufacturer of tubular anchors for mixers stirrers
helicoidal anchor heat exchange
Manufacturer of helical anchors for mixers stirrers
stirrer anchor scrapers
Manufacturer of anchors and scrapers for mixers

AGITEC® offers several models of anchors for industrial stirrers

The different types of anchors in our range have two or three blades which can be flat, inclined, tubular, helical (with or without scrapers). This type of mobile is a system adapted to the needs of small and medium speed agitation. The helical anchor, on the other hand, is preferred in cases where the preparation is sensitive to shearing. 

The high quality of the materials used in the manufacture of our anchors guarantees optimal agitation even in intensive use, regardless of the temperature of the products contained in the mixer and any solid bases (silica, enamel, etc.). We manufacture tailor-made anchors to adapt to your industrial mixing needs.  


The two-armed flat anchor is designed for heat exchange. This tangential flow mobile is suitable for products with simple behaviour and intermediate viscosity.



The inclined flat anchor with gussets, with tangential and axial flow, is designed for heat exchange. It is applied to products of intermediate viscosity, containing solid particles.



The tangential flow tubular anchor is designed for heat exchange. Its fields of application are complex products with high viscosity.



The helical anchor with tubes and flat ribbon is designed for heat exchange and homogenization of high viscosity products.  It is a mobile with tangential and axial flow.



The anchor with scrapers (tubes or flat + scrapers) is made for heat exchange. It is a tangential flow mobile. It is used with high viscosity products.