Stirrers : Vessel-bottom stirrer

Vessel-bottom stirrer are used in many sectors: chemistry and petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, water treatment, nuclear, food processing and cosmetics.

Their characteristics make them suitable products for these applications, with variations according to the models: thermal transfer, suspension, liquid/fibrous solid mixture, immiscible liquid mixture, miscible liquid mixture, suspension retention, homogenization, emulsion, dissolution, solid/liquid dispersion, liquid/liquid dispersion, gas/liquid dispersion, dilution, deltination.

Magnetic stirrer tank roof
Manufacturer of magnetic stirrers by AGITEC®
Tank bottom stirrer compact guide system
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AGF-R COMPACT by AGITEC®
Stirrer tank confined space
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AG F-GMTBby AGITEC®
stirrer tank bottom change without disassembly
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AGF-R SIMPLE by AGITEC®
Magnetic stirrer bottom of tank
Manufacturer of magnetic stirrers by AGITEC®

AGITEC® Vessel-bottom stirrers


AGF-R COMPACT, compact extension

This vessel-bottom stirrer can be installed in small volumes. Versatile, it can be installed on vertical, lateral or bottom agitators



The sealing of this vessel-bottom stirrer is ensured by a simple dry mechanical seal with grain entering the tank. The space requirement of this stirrer is limited, the system can be cleaned in place.



The guiding system of this vessel-bottom stirrer allows the lateral extraction of the mechanical seal housing. In most cases, the case can be replaced in less than 2 hours. No draining or degassing during replacement operations.


Magnetic stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are an essential technological element in high-risk and/or high sterility manufacturing environments.