Stirrers : Lateral stirrer

The contents of the storage tanks must be stirred constantly. The vessel-roof stirrer do not have the necessary power. A lateral stirrer has the characteristics to perform this function.

AGITEC® offers three lateral stirrers with applications in many sectors: chemistry and petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, water treatment, nuclear, food processing and cosmetics.

Their characteristics make them suitable products for these applications, with variations according to the models: thermal transfer, suspension, liquid/fibrous solid mixture, immiscible liquid mixture, miscible liquid mixture, suspension retention, homogenization, emulsion, dissolution, solid/liquid dispersion, liquid/liquid dispersion, gas/liquid dispersion, dilution...

stirrer turret with lateral extraction
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-T EXT-LATby AGITEC®
Lateral stirrer tank compact extension
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-R COMPACT by AGITEC®
sophisticated sealing tank side stirrer
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-GMTB by AGITEC®



AGL-R COMPACT, compact extension  

The compact extension, suitable for small and medium-sized shaking, provides robust guidance while saving space on the shaking head. Maintenance work is simplified and can be carried out in 2 hours on site, without complex lifting equipment and without emptying the storage unit (full tank). This technology applies to vertical, lateral and tank bottom agitation.


AGL-GMTB, lateral stirrer with "head down" mechanical seal

This stirrer provides a sophisticated sealing by means of a simple mechanical seal installed under the flange of the stirrer head. The accessibility to the waterproofing is optimized with the lifting systems on board the tanks.
This technology is adapted to food environments.

AGL-T EXT-LAT, side-extraction turret

This lateral stirrer is developed for large capacity storage tanks. Maintenance of the sealing cartridge is carried out without dismantling the guide head and shaft line.