Markets : Cosmetics

Between the development of a cosmetic formula in the laboratory and the consumer, the industrial phase must meet the qualitative demand of the market. AGITEC® presents its range of industrial stirrers and mixers used in the manufacture of cosmetics: vessel-roof stirrer, lateral stirrer, vessel-bottom stirrer, static mixer, anchor, scraper, turbine, propeller.
The cosmetics sector has been growing steadily, from 3.6% to 5.5% per year since 2010 (source: L'Oréal study). This consistency is stimulated by the requirements of French and international consumers. New products and ranges, ambassadors of French know-how, are developed on a daily basis.

The cosmetics market adapts to needs:
-    Consumers who are increasingly better informed and demanding the quality of the products used.
-    Research and development of innovative formulas for new products
-    An ever-increasing environmental constraint

AGITEC® presents products designed for these applications used in cosmetic industry processes: thermal transfer, suspension, liquid/fibrous solid mixture, miscible liquid mixture, suspension retention, homogenization, emulsion, dissolution, dilution, deltination, solid/liquid dispersion, liquid/liquid dispersion, gas/liquid dispersion.
To each device its characteristics and services, AGITEC® provides all useful information on the capacities of its products and the solutions of its production systems.

For Cosmetics applications, AGITEC® offers this equipment
  • Vessel-roof stirrer
    AGITEC® has developed a range of industrial vessel-roof stirrer designed and adapted for the cosmetics industry:
    AG-R Simple, single ewwxtension
    AG-R Compact, compact extension
    V-Ring seal stirrer / Lip seal / Deflector
    AG-ContraRotative, with double agitation
    AG-Potences, Agitation on Up and Down Stems
    Stirrer for IBC containers
    Clamp stirrer for tank edge
  • Lateral stirrer

    AGITEC® has also designed a compact AGL-R COMPACT lateral stirrer with a compact extension for mixing cosmetics. This agitator is suitable for small and medium size agitation
    Vessel-bottom stirrer
    These products are suitable for many applications in the cosmetics industry.
  • Static mixers

    Static mixers allow the creation of turbulence which makes it possible to mix products.
    MS TOR
  • Propellers

    AGITEC® develops 4 types of propellers with extended characteristics: high hydraulic lift, speed, mixture of liquids containing fibres, high shear.

  • Turbines

    These dispersion equipments allow to obtain several centrifugal effects.
    3PC, 6PC
    TA4, TA3, TA2
    TF2, TF3
    Dispersion turbine
    Mobile rotor/stator
  • Anchor

    Heat exchange, homogenization of high viscosity products, tangential or axial flow anchors allow homogeneous mixtures to be obtained.
    Helical anchor
    Scraper anchors
    Tubular anchor
stirrer tubular anchor heat exchange
Manufacturer of tubular anchors for mixers stirrers
helicoidal anchor heat exchange
Manufacturer of helical anchors for mixers stirrers
stirrer anchor scrapers
Manufacturer of anchors and scrapers for mixers
stirrer curved blade turbine
Hydraulic Turbine Stirrers 3PC 6PC maintenance in Suspension
stirrer turbine starting mixtures in decantate
Stirrers Turbine with 2, 3 or 4 blades at 45°, Axial/radial flow
stirrer flat turbine with straight blades
Turbine TF2, TF3 flat with straight blades for stirrers
stirrer flat dispersion turbine with toothed disk
Flat Dispersing Disc Turbine for stirrers
stirrer turbine stator rotor
Mobile Rotor / Stator mixing emulsion in stirrer
stirrer propeller high hydraulic lift
Ax1 propeller for stirrer, hydraulic lift, optimized shear
stirrer propeller high speed shear dissolution
Ax2 propeller for stirrer, pumping and shearing
stirrer propeller important shearing effect
Ax3 propeller for agitator, important shearing effect
stirrer propeller liquid mixture containing fibers
Ax4 propeller for stirrer, liquid mixtures with fibers
stirrer propeller mixtures of shear-sensitive products
Marine propeller for agitator, for shear sensitive products
static mixer MS TOR helicoidal elements
Static mixers MS TOR by AGITEC®
static mixer  turbulence by alternating the direction of rotation
Static mixers MS Helip by AGITEC®
static mixer pipes from DN50 to DN600
Static mixers MS-High Shear by AGITEC®
single height space stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Simple by AGITEC®
Industrial stirrer liquid mixture
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Compact by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer lipseal
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-JTV / JL / Defl by AGITEC®
counter rotating stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-ContraRotatif by AGITEC®
stirrer inclined turbines for tixotropic products
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-Potences by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer IBC container
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-IBC by AGITEC®
Magnetic vessel-roof stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-Pinceby AGITEC®
Lateral stirrer tank compact extension
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-R COMPACT by AGITEC®
Tank bottom stirrer compact guide system
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AGF-R COMPACT by AGITEC®
stirrer tank bottom change without disassembly
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AGF-R SIMPLE by AGITEC®


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