Markets : Water treatment

Industrial mixers, static mixers, turbine, propellers and anchors are the agitation equipment required for water treatment and sludge settling.
Wastewater treatment, a major ecological issue, includes processes for the removal of organic and mineral contaminants from effluents discharged by communities and industries. Urban waste water, discharges from factories and slaughterhouses are collected by the sewerage networks to be depolluted.

Several physical-chemical treatments are carried out to treat the water, varying according to the origin of the effluents, the specificities of the environment concerned and the targeted end use.

Agitation equipment has applications in dilution, dissolution, flocculation, solid-liquid dispersion, gas-liquid dispersion, suspension of the mixture or heat exchange. AGITEC® offers vessel-roof, lateral and vessel-bottom sterrers and mixers for treating water in tanks. AGITEC® can adapt its equipment to the systems in place in wastewater treatment plants, and provide solutions thanks to its range of mixers capable of working at different speeds.

AGITEC® works in collaboration with large companies (SARP Group industry) specialized in the treatment of company waste. Chemical waste is recovered in tank trucks and processed directly in their plant. In this case, the agitator must be particularly robust to withstand climatic constraints. The submerged parts can be coated with different resins or thick composites to resist chemical aggression and abrasion.

For water treatments applications, AGITEC® offers this equipment
stirrer curved blade turbine
Hydraulic Turbine Stirrers 3PC 6PC maintenance in Suspension
stirrer propeller high hydraulic lift
Ax1 propeller for stirrer, hydraulic lift, optimized shear
stirrer propeller high speed shear dissolution
Ax2 propeller for stirrer, pumping and shearing
stirrer propeller liquid mixture containing fibers
Ax4 propeller for stirrer, liquid mixtures with fibers
static mixer MS TOR helicoidal elements
Static mixers MS TOR by AGITEC®
static mixer  turbulence by alternating the direction of rotation
Static mixers MS Helip by AGITEC®
static mixer pipes from DN50 to DN600
Static mixers MS-High Shear by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer lateral extraction
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-T Ext-Latby AGITEC®
single height space stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Simple by AGITEC®
Industrial stirrer liquid mixture
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Compact by AGITEC®
Industrial agitator maintenance tightness
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-T Pivot by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer mechanical head down
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-GMTB by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer lipseal
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-JTV / JL / Defl by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer guidance for fast speed
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-Nezby AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer without sealing
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG - Classic by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer IBC container
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-IBC by AGITEC®
Magnetic vessel-roof stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-Pinceby AGITEC®
stirrer turret with lateral extraction
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-T EXT-LATby AGITEC®
Lateral stirrer tank compact extension
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-R COMPACT by AGITEC®
sophisticated sealing tank side stirrer
Manufacturer of lateral stirrers AGL-GMTB by AGITEC®
Tank bottom stirrer compact guide system
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AGF-R COMPACT by AGITEC®
Stirrer tank confined space
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AG F-GMTBby AGITEC®
stirrer tank bottom change without disassembly
Manufacturer of vessel-bottom stirrers AGF-R SIMPLE by AGITEC®