Stirrers : Vessel-roof stirrer

Vessel-roof stirrers have applications in many sectors: chemistry and petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, water treatment, nuclear, food industry and cosmetics.

Their characteristics make them suitable products for these applications, with variations according to the models: thermal transfer, suspension, liquid/fibrous solid mixture, immiscible liquid mixture, miscible liquid mixture, suspension retention, homogenization, emulsion, dissolution, solid/liquid dispersion, liquid/liquid dispersion, gas/liquid dispersion, dilution, deltination, gas absorption.

Vessel-roof stirrer lateral extraction
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-T Ext-Latby AGITEC®
single height space stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Simple by AGITEC®
Industrial stirrer liquid mixture
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Compact by AGITEC®
Industrial agitator maintenance tightness
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-T Pivot by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer particle recuperator
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-R Pharma by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer mechanical head down
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-GMTB by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer lipseal
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-JTV / JL / Defl by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer guidance for fast speed
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-Nezby AGITEC®
counter rotating stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-ContraRotatif by AGITEC®
Industrial emulsion stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-T BS by AGITEC®
stirrer inclined turbines for tixotropic products
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-Potences by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer without sealing
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG - Classic by AGITEC®
Vessel-roof stirrer IBC container
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-IBC by AGITEC®
Magnetic vessel-roof stirrer
Manufacturer of vessel-roof stirrers AG-Pinceby AGITEC®
Magnetic stirrer tank roof
Manufacturer of magnetic stirrers by AGITEC®

vessel-roof stirrers

AGITEC® offers a wide range of industrial tank top mixers for various mixing operations such as storage before packaging. Commonly used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, our custom-made mixers can withstand pressures of up to 300 bar and temperatures of over 300 degrees. Also designed for the chemical industry, their resistance to corrosive products is excellent. 

The sealing of the agitator shaft must be guaranteed by a more or less sophisticated technology (lip seal, mechanical seal, etc.). Depending on the process you need to carry out, we can equip your tank top agitators with propeller, anchor or turbine type mobiles. Our technical teams are at your service to advise you and guide you towards the products best suited to your applications.


AG-T Ext-Lat, side-extraction turret

Maintenance of the sealing cartridge is made easier because it is carried out without dismantling the guide head and agitator shaft line and without sophisticated lifting equipment. This technology is used for vertical and lateral agitation.


AG-R Simple, simple extension

The guide system has a simple vertical extraction extension from the mechanical seal housing. The motorization and agitator shaft must be removed for the change.


AG-R Compact, compact extension

Suitable for small and medium-sized shaking, the compact extension provides a robust guide with a small footprint for the shaking head on the tank roof. Maintenance requires a complete disassembly of the agitator head.


AG-T Pivot, swivel turret

By simply pulling out the swivel turret from above, the sealing cartridge is held in place without disassembling the guide head and agitator shaft line. The extraction operation of the mechanical seal housing carried out in 2 hours on site can be assisted by a mechanical "extraction jack" tool.


AG-R Pharma, raises Pharma

The extension makes it possible to obtain an efficient seal by means of a simple mechanical seal. This compact stirrer vessel-roofs has many features: cleaning and sterilisation openings at the heart of the seal, particle recovery, etc. This technology is cleanable and sterilizable in place.


AG-GMTB, « head-down » mechanical seal

This stirrer offers a sophisticated seal with a simple mechanical seal installed under the flange of the agitator head. The accessibility of the waterproofing is optimized by the washing systems on board the tanks. This technology adapted to the sterile environment ensures optimized accessibility, retentions and shadow areas are zero.

AG-JTV / JL / Defl, V-Ring seal agitator / Lip seal / Deflector

These stirring heads generate a barrier between the atmosphere and the inside of the tank by using so-called primary seals. This system is installed on pendulum agitators.


AG-Nez, stirrer with guiding nose

Stirrer with stainless steel guide nose with force recovery bearings for fast speed, used on small to medium sized pendulum agitators.


AG-ContraRotatif, designed for double agitation

In the centre, one or more mobiles carry out a rapid agitation which propels the product towards the walls of the tank. On the periphery, an anchor makes a slow agitation in the opposite direction. Agitec offers equipment to support and seal these movements.


AG-T BS, Giga « Big Size » Turret agitator

This range of stirrers has been created to equip tanks and reactors of very large sizes. This technology can take up high loads generated by pendulum agitators and integrate any type of sealing: from the simple deflector to the mechanical seal.


AG-Potences, Agitation on Up and Down Stems

AGITEC stem-mounted stirrers are versatile devices that adapt to specifications and are capable of mixing different products from one production to another. With a multitude of possible choices, they can be mobile, wall-mounted or floor-mounted.


 AG - Classic, classic agitator

These classic industrial stirrers without sealing are used for simple applications.


AG-IBC, stirrer for IBC containers

Its design is as simple as it is efficient, the hydraulic performance of the system is optimal, its speed of rotation allows it to be deployed. This system is installed on pendulum agitators.    


AG-Pince, clamp stirrer for tank edge

This stirrer has an articulated clamp to be fixed on the tank edge for simple applications.


Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic drive agitation is used in high-risk and/or high sterility manufacturing environments.



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