Mega-Disperser for the paint industry

In some industries, it is sometimes necessary to transmit a lot of power to a mixture in order for it to work properly. This is known as the power density diffused to the liquid. To achieve this, AGITEC uses Dispersion or Deflocculator type turbines, which are mobile ans require high peripheral speeds (from 15 to 25 m/s) for their efficiency. These mixing tools are used, among other things, for the manufacture of paints and varnishes.

The primary purpose of a disperser is to disperse several liquids, often loaded, in addition to organic and/or metallic solids.
In this particular application, it was necessary to disperse a metallic filler in a solvent-based liquid in an ATEX environment. The customer's specific request was to obtain a minimum power density of 15 kW/m3.

AGITEC therefore developed a 355 kW ATEX disperser equipped with an 850 mm diameter dispersion turbine installed on a 20 tonne batch production tank (approximately 25 m3).
The mechanical forces generated by this device being very important, it was necessary to develop a specific "high speed" guide turret, lubricated by an oil cenntrale equipped with a liquid/liquid cooling exchanger. 
In order to be installed on the tank, the customer had to cut the roof to accommodate the stirring head, which is over 4 metres high.

Close collaboration with the boilermaker SOTECH was essential to the success of this project, as the latter had to integrate the significant mechanical forces generated by the agitator into its calculation notes: "For this type of project, the relevance of the choice of agitator and boilermaker is a key element for the success of such an installation," explains Gregory Badey, president of AGITEC.

"AGITEC's speciality, which is to develop customised technological machines, enabled us to win this contract and to provide a solution perfectly adapted to the customer's specific and innovative processes.