Interview with Gregory Badey on the prospection mission in Morocco

Interview conducted on 2nd February 2022 by Mr. LAMOUR of MécaSphère and published on LinkedIn on 8thFebruary 2022.
« Gregory Badey, president of AGITEC/MARLLIN, a 28 people SME specialized in stirrers, took part in the prospection mission in Morocco organized by Interchimie-Gific* and Cetim. Successful mission: he came back with about fifteen quotes which could be transformed into orders and collaborations engaged with Moroccan companies.
Gregory Badey knows Morocco well, as he works there in the food processing industry. « For the 25 years that I have been in business, I showed a good nose to sense potential. The mission proposed by Gific and Cetim was an opportunity to open up new perspectives. »
« I rarely saw such a well orchestrated program ».
With 7 industrial colleagues, he could thus discover new markets by meeting major contractors and emblematic companies across the Mediterranean. "I have rarely seen such a well-organised programme, with great meetings and the discovery of very concrete things", he comments. On the programme : an information seminar on the chemical, mining and water industries, business meetings, as well as several visits to local sites, including that of the Office chérifien des phosphates (OCP). The participants also discovered Cetim Morocco's physicochemical and mechanical testing facilities.
« A very welcoming country with an impressive technological level »
« We were impressed by the strong dynamics of the country and the will of the Moroccans to collaborate again with their French cousins, after having flirted with Germany. The cultural proximity is obvious. It is a very welcoming country with an impressive level of technology. »
For the moment, Grégory Badey has produced about fifteen quotes for Moroccan companies, knowing that it takes an average of 6 to 10 months to transform these quotes into orders. He has also met with local companies with whom he has begun to collaborate in order to market his products, and even to carry out some of the assembly and comissionning work.
A particularly productive trip, therefore, which led Grégory Badey to set up a structure to develop AGITEC’s business in Morocco. "When I sense a potential, I put in place resources with collaborators to work on the subject," he insists. A business engineer and a technical salesman from AGITEC/MARLLIN will thus focus on Morocco.
*Interprofessional grouping of chemical industry suppliers. Cetim is a member of Gific. »

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