Installation of 2 stirrers aboard a cruise ship

The two stirrers designed by AGITEC equip liquid incineration reactors operating at very high pressure on Leroux & Lotz Technologies facilities. Their goal is to treat bio-waste using oxidation.
The challenge on this project was to design and build two customized stirrers, capable of withstanding 150 bars and 290°C. To accommodate the operational technical constraint at high pressure and high temperature, the AGITEC stirrers has been equipped with sophisticated seals such as Eagleburgmann mechanical seals, which are fed and lubricated by Eagleburgmann lubrication systems.
The reaction is done by means of a stirrer equipped with impellers providing high pumping flow and shear rate, while dispersing the gas injected in the reactor for the oxidation.
In parallel and internally, AGITEC has realised a CFD study to demonstrate that the stirrers designed met the needs and the specificity of the project.
Those two stirrers are currently in commissioning on a brand new cruise ship.