Stirrers : TILTED FLAT


The tilted flat anchor is made for heat transfer It is a device with tangential and axial flow.
It is suitable for intermediate viscosity products containing solid particles that tend to sediment.

The speed of rotation of the agitator shaft equipped with an inclined flat anchor creates a tangential movement in the container allowing the circulation and mixing of fluids. This can be supplemented by an additional propeller positioned at mid-height to achieve a pumping effect in the centre of the container (optimising pumping rate for medium viscosity liquids).

Agitators equipped with a flat, inclined anchor generate efficient mixing effects while engaging low motor powers. The diameter of the anchor is approximately 0.9 times the diameter of the container.

The flat anchor can be used for heat transfer, suspension and homogenization functions in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries, for example.  



Definition basis: Tilted, flat, with gussets
Number of arms: 2
Rotation direction: Clockwise or anticlockwise (according to the required flow)

Product used in the following markets:

- Chemicals/Petrochemicals

- Food industry

Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer

Maintenance in suspension

stirrer inclined flat anchor heat exchange