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Solid/liquid dispersions are systems formed of a liquid in which small solid particles are submerged. There are different types of dispersion, the majority of which are used as a processing intermediate.

Solid/liquid dispersion is a system formed by a liquid in which small solid particles are immersed. There are several types of dispersion.
The dispersion of fine powders in a liquid medium, in particular, is a mixing process widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, for which it often represents an intermediate stage in the elaboration of a product.


In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, there are many preparations or mixtures that go through a stage of dispersion in a liquid medium before incorporating their definitive galenic form, as is the case for the majority of antibiotics.


In cosmetics, the dispersion stage must also be perfectly optimised, in particular so that powders are uniformly distributed in the manufacture of creams, in order to obtain maximum quality while controlling manufacturing costs. The same problem can be found in the pigment and paint industry.


Solid/liquid dispersions remain complex operations to be mastered because they are not stable systems - the solid particles being separated from the continuous liquid phase by interfaces which undergo changes (aggregation, coalescence or ripening) - and they possess original properties (mechanical, physico-chemical, etc.) whose effects must be perfectly managed during the phases of the process.


Thus, the selection of the right agitator and the rigorous choice of its equipment (turbine, propeller or anchor), is an essential prerequisite for carrying out the delicate operations of liquid/solid dispersion during its different phases. Agitec's long experience in the field of magnetic stirrers, mixers and other mixers offers formers in the industrial world every opportunity to develop the most suitable solution for every stirring problem.

Equipment adapted for the application: Solid/liquid dispersion :


stirrer propeller important shearing effect
Ax3 propeller for agitator, important shearing effect


stirrer flat dispersion turbine with toothed disk
Flat Dispersing Disc Turbine for stirrers
stirrer turbine starting mixtures in decantate
Stirrers Turbine with 2, 3 or 4 blades at 45°, Axial/radial flow