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In order to encourage complex mixing of fibrous solids, AGITEC is developing special blades such as the AX4 accompanied by liquid to homogenize the solution and prevent fibres getting tangled around the blade.

As liquid/solid mixtures and dispersions are already complex operations to be mastered in the field of agitation due to the instability of the systems created, the process becomes even more complicated when dealing with fibrous materials or solids.


In fact, in addition to the notable changes in the interfaces created by the solid parts that are separated from the liquid phase (coalescence, aggregation, etc.), the presence of fibrous residues also makes the operation aimed at achieving good homogenisation of the solution more delicate. Added to this is the risk of entanglement of the fibres around the mobile of the agitator itself.


In order to promote and perfect the homogenization of complex mixtures of liquids with fibrous solids, Agitec has developed a range of mixers, of which the AX4 series propellers represent the most advanced product because they are specifically designed for optimum efficiency, reliability and performance in this case.


As the speed and shape of the blades are two determining factors in the choice of a propeller, the AX4 model benefits from a design specially adapted to fibrous mixtures with blades whose leaking leading edges make it possible to prevent them from being embedded by the fibres present in the liquid, by projecting them centrifugally. The AX4 propellers also allow a high shearing effect at maximum speed (peripheral speed).


For example, mixers equipped with an AX4 mobile unit offer a perfectly adapted and optimised solution for use in the treatment of waste water where the presence of fibrous sludge and filaments represents a high risk of sticking.

Equipment adapted for the application: Mixing fibrous liquids/solids :


stirrer propeller important shearing effect
Ax3 propeller for agitator, important shearing effect
stirrer propeller liquid mixture containing fibers
Ax4 propeller for stirrer, liquid mixtures with fibers