Stirrers :

TF2, TF3

TF2, TF3

The TF turbine turbine is mainly installed near the bottom of a vessel for the agitation of fluids requiring a mixing effect until complete emptying or during filling. It can be used for low and medium viscosity liquids. It will very often be associated with a pumping mobile.

The design of our standard range of TF2 and TF3 impellers, with two or three blades, is suitable for a variety of applications and for a wide range of industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Coupled with an agitator with a mechanical seal at the agitator shaft, these turbines provide a very high level of holding and/or suspending your mixture until it flows out during the emptying process. During the emptying process, homogeneous retention is guaranteed even if the emptying rate is low. 

Our TF2 and TF3 turbines are available in diameters from 30 mm up to large diameters of up to 2 m. They are manufactured in several types of exotic steel and stainless steel materials (alloy, uranus, inconel..) to ensure high mechanical and chemical resistance, adapted to the different fluids they agitate.



Definition basis: Flat turbine with straight blades
Number of blades: 2 or 3
Rotation direction: Clockwise or anticlockwise



Horizontal, radial, centrifugal flow.
Vortex creation by depression.
A stirrer equipped with a curved blade turbine can be mounted centred with counter-blades or offset without counter-blades.
Medium shear effect at max. speed (medium peripheral speed)

Holding in suspension, mixing dynamic during emptying or filling of the container.

Product used in the following markets:

- Chemicals/Petrochemicals

- Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology

- Food industry

- Cosmetics

Product suitable for the following applications:

stirrer flat turbine with straight blades