Stirrers : AGL-V

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ATEX environment

The AGL-VINICOLE is suitable for small and medium-sized stirring. It is mainly used to carry out simple mixtures of the homogeneous or suspension type.

The compactness of this stirrer allows it to be moved from one tank to another manually and with great ease. Its retractable shaft simplifies its docking on the tank: it is thus possible to mount it on a full container by connecting it to a macon spigot.

It has been specifically developed for applications in ATEX environments. This new range is available in 4 sizes to cover a wide range of mixing volumes.

A range of accessories and options is available to complete the offer of these devices (400V tiphasic wiring and plug, start switch, different surface conditions, on-board speed variator, etc.). Lifting jibs are also available to support the heaviest mixers during handling and to help operators transfer the equipment from one container to another.

Product used in the following markets:

- Food industry

Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer


Mixing miscible liquids

Maintenance in suspension