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The flat anchor is a tangential flow mobile with two arms. It is particularly suitable for the industrial application of heat transfer where heat exchange occurs between two substances of different temperatures. They are ideal for stirring viscous fluids (low to medium level) with simple behaviour. It is installed on a tank top agitator.

The flat anchor is suitable for tanks and basins with a capacity of up to several hundred thousand litres. The speed of rotation of the anchor will adapt to your agitation needs for heat transfer or suspension. 

It is commonly used in settling tanks where it is necessary, for a specific time in the water treatment process, to keep solid particles in suspension in a liquid being treated. For other applications such as solids/liquid dispersion, dissolution or dilution, it is preferable to use an agitator equipped with propellers or turbines, as required. 



Definition basis: Flat
Number of arms: 2
Rotation direction: Clockwise or anticlockwise (according to the required flow)

Similar products:

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Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer

Mixing miscible liquids

Maintenance in suspension



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