Stirrers : AGL-T EXT-LAT

Side stirrer tank maintenance cartridge sealing

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Specially developed for large-capacity storage units, this shaft is designed so that the sealed cartridge (single or double mechanical seal) can easily be maintained without removing the guide head and the stirrer drive shaft, by simply pulling it out from the top of the shaft. This makes it a much simpler operation which can be completed in 2 hours on the owner’s site, without complicated lifting gear or the need to drain the storage unit (full vessel). 

This technology can be installed on both vertical and lateral stirrers


Product used in the following markets:

- Chemicals/Petrochemicals

- Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology

- Water treatment

- Nuclear

Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer


Mixing fibrous liquids/solids

Mixing immiscible liquids

Mixing miscible liquids

Maintenance in suspension



Side stirrer tank maintenance cartridge sealing
Lateral stirrer tank stock large capacity
stirrer turret with lateral extraction