Stirrers : AG-IBC


This is designed to be both powerful and easy to use. 
An asynchronous geared motor motorizes the assembly for fine-tuned, reliable speed transmission. A special folding propeller perfectly adapted to the shape of the container has been developed by our R&D department: so that its hydraulic performance is optimal and its speed of rotation is appropriate.
A frequency inverter can be used to adjust its speed to match the expected mixture. The assembly also has folding feet which are part of the support frame, allowing the stirrer to be stored on the floor without having to put it on a container, openings for the forks of forklift trucks to pass through, a lifting ring positioned in the centre of gravity for handling via a hoist, etc.

This system can be installed on pendulum stirrers.

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Product used in the following markets:

- Chemicals/Petrochemicals

- Food industry

- Water treatment

- Cosmetics

Product suitable for the following applications:


Mixing miscible liquids

Maintenance in suspension




Solid/liquid dispersion

Liquid/liquid dispersion

Vessel-roof stirrer IBC container
Vessel-roof stirrer asynchronous motor
Vessel-roof stirrer frequency inverter