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AGITEC gantry-mounted stirrers are versatile machines capable of mixing different products from one manufacturing process to another.

This versatility helps get a better return on investment, given the possibility of creating successive manufacturing lines with different-sized vessels, using a single stirrer for several vessels.

As our gantries are built individually, AGITEC can adapt to the client’s specifications both in terms of safety and any additional requirements. Gantries can be mobile, wall-mounted or floor-mounted.

The stirrers mounted on these gantries can be adapted to the products to be mixed. Several different types of blade can be installed on each type of gantry (see data sheet).

A wide range of options are available for the design of these units. The degree of technical sophistication can range from:

- A simple “up and down” mast with a pneumatic motor, shaft and propeller, etc.
- To a hydraulic translation column, consisting of triple-movement counter-rotating type agitation, in an explosion-proof environment, with pressure and temperature on a sterile vessel process.

Vertical translation, vessel blocking and safety elements can be proposed on the basis of four systems: manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic.  Two versions of the drive mechanism will be offered: electric or pneumatic.
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Product suitable for the following applications:

Heat transfer


Mixing fibrous liquids/solids

Mixing immiscible liquids

Mixing miscible liquids

Maintenance in suspension




Solid/liquid dispersion

Liquid/liquid dispersion

Gas/liquid dispersion



Gas absorption
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